(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. sorcery; witchery, glamour, spell; legerdemain. —adj. magic[al], mystic[al], occult; enchanting. See deception.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Occult]
Syn. enchanted, enchanting, fascinating, charmed, magical, mystical, mystic, mythical, mythic, otherworldly, fairylike, spooky, ghostly, haunted, weird, uncanny, eerie, supernatural, sorcerous, wizardly, witchlike, Circean, Chaldean, thaumaturgic, theurgic, diabolic, Satanic, theurgical, necRomantic, fiendish, demoniac, malevolent, shamanist, voodooistic, runic, conjuring, witching, spellbinding, cabalistic, cryptic, transcendental, alchemistic, necRomantic, eldritch, numinous, spectral, apparitional, wraithlike, disembodied, discarnate, immaterial, ectoplasmic, astral, spiritualistic, mediumistic, psychic, phenomenological, amuletic, talismanic, phylacteric, tutelary, ensorcelled, tranced, entranced, fay, spellbound, under a spell, under a charm, under the evil eye, under a curse, cursed, mantological, prophetic, telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, thought-reading, telekinetic, spirit-rapping, paranormal, parapsychological, metapsychological, hyperpsychological, hyperphysical; see also mysterious 2 .
2. [Mysterious]
Syn. wonderful, miraculous, fantastical; see imaginary , unusual 2 .
1. [The controlling of supernatural powers]
Syn. sorcery, occultism, witchcraft, wizardry, necRomancy, legerdemain, thaumaturgy, incantation, spell, alchemy, bewitchery, superstition, enchantment, conjury, sortilege, shamanism, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, hocus-pocus, prophecy, divination, diabolism, vaticination, augury, astrology, horoscopy, taboo, astRomancy, black magic, black art, voodoo, voodooism, hoodoo, obeah (West Indian), pishogue (Irish); see also witchcraft .
2. [An example of magic]
Syn. spell, incantation, prediction, soothsaying, fortunetelling, presage, evil eye, presaging, foreboding, exorcism, ghost dance; see also charm 2 , divination , forecast .
Syn.- magic is the general term for any of the supposed arts of producing marvelous effects by supernatural or occult power and is figuratively applied to any extraordinary, seemingly inexplicable power; sorcery implies magic in which spells are cast or charms are used, usually for a harmful or sinister purpose; witchcraft (of women) and wizardry (of men) imply the possession of supernatural power by compact with evil spirits, witchcraft figuratively suggesting the use of wiles, and wizardry , remarkable skill, cleverness
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. supernatural powers wizardry, witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, necromancy, conjuring, mysticism, voodoo, hoodoo, occultism, diabolism.
2. trickery legerdemain, sleight-of-hand, prestidigitation, hocus-pocus, *smoke and mirrors, conjuring.
gold from metal art: alchemy
magic words: incantation, abracadabra, presto, mumbo jumbo, sesame
symbol: pentacle
see occult
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events: conjuration, sorcery, sortilege, thaumaturgy, theurgy, witchcraft, witchery, witching, wizardry. See SUPERNATURAL. 2. An object or power that one uses to cause often evil events: charm, evil eye, spell2. Slang: whammy. See SUPERNATURAL. 3. The use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects: conjuration, legerdemain, prestidigitation, sleight of hand. See PERFORMING ARTS. II also magical adjective Having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic: fey, magical, talismanic, thaumaturgic, thaumaturgical, theurgic, theurgical, witching, wizardly. See SUPERNATURAL.

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